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Peter Mr Goodbooks

About Peter Kokkonis

My career didn’t start in the accounting profession. In fact after high school I couldn’t get away from paperwork fast enough. So I decided to “make things” and become an engineer. Much to my surprise there was a fair amount of paper pushing working as a Lab Technician with CSIRO. This wasn’t much different in the Mining & Production sector where I was a Sales Engineer. I later realised the importance of paperwork in business when working in the Hospitality industry managing a boutique motel.

In my quest to find workplace pleasure, I start a business in the Construction Industry. Unfortunately the work was too physically demanding and had to move on a decade later. But where to?

Being aware of my employment history, it was my accountant at BJ Needs & Associates who suggested I consider becoming a bookkeeper. Sure, it made sense.

I have always been exposed to business administration, marketing, and paperwork.

I have worked in a number of industries and understand how they work.

I have been a small business owner too.

My transition to bookkeeping began in 2009 and now I am a fully qualified Bookkeeper and BAS Agent (# 83840002).

About Mr Goodbooks

Established 2010, Mr Goodbooks is a boutique Sydney based bookkeeping business which provides computer based bookkeeping support to small businesses in the Sydney region.

Our Mission… is to provide an exceptional Bookkeeping service that is Professional, Reliable and Confidential.

Our Objective… to live up to our names sake by providing a reliable and efficient bookkeeping service, in turn helping our client have a better understanding of their financial position.

Our Ethics

Ethical & Lawful

Mr GOODBOOKS will act with honesty and integrity, and will abide by all relevant laws and regulations. We will not act in ways that would bring the profession into disrepute, breach public trust in the profession, or the specific trust of our clients or stakeholders.

Client Duty of Care

Mr GOODBOOKS will use due care to understand the needs of our clients before providing our service. Meeting their needs will be our priority and we will safeguard their interests at all times. However, if doing so would require us to break the law or damage a third party, we would advise our client and agree an alternative course of action.


All information obtained through our work belongs to our client. Mr GOODBOOKS will safeguard it and keep it confidential. We will not disclose it unless consent is given by its owner or where there is a legal or professional duty to disclose. It will not be used to the advantage Mr GOODBOOKS.

Objective and Independent

Mr GOODBOOKS will be objective, impartial and free from any conflict of interest when performing our professional duties. If a conflict of interest does arise between two or more clients, we will disclose this and explain it.


Mr GOODBOOKS is a registered BAS Agent and is required by law to maintain a minimum level of knowledge & experience. In fulfilling this requirement, we will always keep up-to-date with the latest regulations and bookkeeping processes.

Professional Image

Mr GOODBOOKS will aim to extend public knowledge and appreciation of the bookkeeping profession. We will not act in ways that may detract from the reputation of the profession.

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