Benefits From Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping…

It has become more cost effective for businesses to outsource its accounts to a qualified Bookkeeper.

Did you know that of all the tasks required of you to operate your business, bookkeeping is the only one that does not generate any income for you?

And, the constantly changing laws for tax compliance make the process more involved and distract you from reaching your business objectives.

It has become more cost effective for businesses to outsource its accounts to a qualified Bookkeeper rather than run the risk of DIY or hire an employee clerk.

Here are some benefits to outsourcing for you to consider.

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Time saved from bookwork can:

  • be put back into growing and developing your business, and finding new customers
  • let you get to your income paying jobs
  • give you more time to find new customers and jobs
  • let you rest and recharge
  • give you more time with family and friends

Money saved from bookwork comes from:

  • earning a higher hourly rate on the job, than what you are trying to save in bookkeeping costs
  • not losing Customers who needed the job done “Yesterday!”
  • your Accountant not charging you a premium for data entry, or to clean-up your bookwork
  • your Bookkeeper charging you less than your Accountant to prepare and lodge BAS/IAS
  • not missing charges on your invoices and making sure that all invoices are sent
  • reducing bad debts by chasing overdue Clients sooner, and avoiding debt recovery costs

Good Books give you more confidence:

  • in your finances
  • with your cash-flow
  • to set realistic budgets and achieve your goals
  • when dealing with your Accountant or Bank Manager
  • to make timely investments
  • to purchase new business equipment

Compliance issues disappear by:

  • having a Registered BAS Agent maintaining your bookwork

Outsourcing gives you stress-free bookkeeping because:

  • You don’t need to find the time to do your bookwork
  • You know your bookwork is accurate and up to date
  • Your Bookkeeper will meet your ATO deadlines for you
  • Your Bookkeeper will deal with the ATO if issues arise
  • Your Bookkeeper will work together with your Accountant

Your time is far more valuable than to spend it doing bookwork!

If you do your own bookkeeping, there are hidden costs which you may not have foreseen.

Most people believe it is their Accountant’s duty to sort through their bookwork and make sure the figures are correct. But Accountants charge quite a bit to do this, and this is additional to the time you have already spent preparing your books. When you add these up this could be costing you up to 4 times the cost of having a good Bookkeeper.

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